Eventcube provides a wide range of ticketing features to enhance your events and drive sales. You can access these ticket settings when setting up or editing a ticket.

If you're setting up Free Tickets, the payment options are disabled since there is no use for them. Offering paid tickets would give you access to the first group of ticket settings.

Custom Booking Fee. Store owners can set their own booking fee on top of the ticket's price. You can do so here.

Pay in Instalments. This is where you setup ticket deposits and set the amount you want paid each interval. You can set more than one interval.

Additional Charges. If you need to charge your event goers additional compulsory fees, you can set the amount here.

Multi-Region Pricing. Here, you can set different ticket prices for ticket buyers in different parts of the world.

Discounts & Promotions

Group Buy. This allows you to setup a "Buy X, Get 1 Free" promotion. In the blank field, simply enter the number of tickets that need to be purchased in order to get 1 ticket for free.

In the front end, this functions in two ways:

  1. Ticket buyers can buy all tickets in one transaction and get one free ticket.

  2. Or ticket buyers can buy one ticket and then add their friends' email addresses to send them the ticket link. Once they've purchased, then another ticket is generated and emailed to the original purchaser.

Upsell Ticket. Set something up as an upsell ticket; meaning that apart from being featured on the main ticket page, the ticket also appears as an upsell pop-up at checkout.

Rep Reward. This is where you set the commission price for your Ticket Reps.

Learn more about how you can setup ticket reps here.

Advanced Settings

Order Limits. Toggle this feature on to set a minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be bought per order.

Secret Tickets. By turning on Secret Tickets, you have the option to name a ticket tier that is only available to those whom you share the secret link to. The secret ticket will appear in Tickets Menu under your Event or via the Promote & Share tab.

Learn more about how you can create private/hidden tickets.

Manual Approval Required. This feature is best used if you want to require ticket buyers to submit additional documents before getting their ticket generated.

Use Preloaded Barcode Pool. Enable this option to use pre-existing barcodes (e.g. barcodes from a roll of pre-printed tickets) for tickets generated under a ticket tier, instead of the ones Eventcube randomly creates.

To upload and manage your barcodes, head to Store Tools > Preloaded Barcodes > Create a Barcode Pool.

Schedule Tickets Sales

This ticket function is most useful in automating the time and date tickets go on sale or come off sale. It also gives you the option to decide if a ticket should go on sale after another ticket.

Learn more about how to schedule ticket sales here.

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